Vicki Boutin Exclusive Stencils- Collection 1 Pack
Vicki Boutin Design

Vicki Boutin Exclusive Stencils- Collection 1 Pack

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The Entire Set of VB Exclusive Stencils from Collection 1! Grab all 10 beautiful designs and get one for FREE!.

Add layers of colour and texture with Vicki's exclusive stencil designs! Can be used with inks, paints, mediums and more to create beautiful art! Package includes one reusable, high quality stencil.

  • 6x9

  • Intricate Laser Cut Designs

  • 10 mil Semi-transparent Mylar

  • Made in the USA

Pack Includes one of each:

  • Dots 6x9- VB01
  • Large Circles 6x9- VB02
  • Art Layers 6x9- VB03
  • Flat Brush 6x9- VB04
  • Scribble Heart 6x9- VB05
  • Loops 6x9- VB06
  • Love Scribble 6x9- VB07
  • Doodle Polka Dot 6x9- VB08
  • Scribble Dots 6x9- VB09
  • Crazy Grid 6x9- VB10

Please Note- Package size will be smaller if ordering Stencils on their own- Adjustments to shipping will be made when shipped.